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03/02/2015By 0

  We finally produced a video guide on how to do the right styling for your curly hair! For quite a long time this has been one of our...

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07/03/2016By 0

If you try and do it before you will just create more frizzes. Your hair may sound a little bit crispy because of the gel and there are usually...

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11/03/2016By 0

Afterward, I give my hair a light scratch just to release some of the water and help the curl cream really sink into my hair. My hair is dripping...

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15/03/2016By 0

This spring, my good old friend sponsored by ManimalWear gave me a pair of these wrist wraps. I’ll admit that I never had the slightest idea why and more...

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19/03/2016By 0

Any girl with the curls knows how hard it may be to uphold the structure of the hair while going on about your everyday business… If you ask me...